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 BFC Fight Rules

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PostSubject: BFC Fight Rules   BFC Fight Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 27, 2012 11:27 am

1. All fights are best of 1 only. There are no rematches under normal circumstances.

2. If the fight is lagging you must restart it within the first minute, and you cannot do so while you are in a precarious position - a submission, mounted or in a TKO sequence for example.

3. If a fighter loses internet connection while in a precarious position - for example mounted, in a submission hold, or during a TKO sequence the person who was in danger and lost connection will lose. If an honest disconnect happens a rematch can be done only if agreed on by both fighters, if not the person who disconnected will receive a loss.

4. Touching gloves is not required, but if your not going to touch gloves, then wait for your opponents hand to go down. Don't go kick them in the face while they are trying to show respect. Blatantly breaking this rule with proof provided will lead to a DQ loss.

5. DON'T SPAMM: repetitive hooks, haymakers, spinning backfists, spinning back kicks, or rear teeps, hold to block transitions. NO continuous running strikes, running leg kicks, running knees, running hooks, repetitive TDS,

6. All fights will be done in simulation mode, and on default settings. There are no exceptions to this rule.

7. BFC Fights will be under PRIDE RULES and in PRIDE rings, Normal fight 2 rounds, Championship fights 3 rounds
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BFC Fight Rules
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